Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mission Log, Stardate 9/9/2013: Suck it up

Hey y'all!

This week started out with me down in my faith and a little surly and uncaring. I was pretty grumpy with last week's not-success and this week's bleak outlook. BUT THEN. Superhero-Slash-Companion-Sister    Chantry saved the day by telling me (politely) to "suck it up." And you know what happened? Faith grew, we worked harder, better, faster, stronger and my feet got SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired.

Now, at the beginning of the week, I was supremely frustrated with what felt to me to be a lack of heavenly communication. I was like "God, I'm here to do your work, do you want me to do it or not because I need to know where to go." It's easy for any missionary to be discouraged in such cases. Except I know better and so I turned to the scriptures. After much studying (and a forwarded email from one of my missionary cousins) I came to the re-conclusion that it is a slothful missionary who sits with the Ultimate Source Book closed and asks God to point out the directions. SO what did we do?

Tracted. In the not-so-sweet heart of a Texas summer.  (Tracting is knocking on doors.  Door after door after door.)

There's a Scandinavian folk tale (not sure if it's Swedish or Danish) that talks about this fire sprite that leads travelers on by promising them treasures and what not if they only follow them. These sprites are not benevolent, they lure them to their death of literally running ragged. That's why I'm glad the spirit of fire I follow is God's. Every promise He gives me cannot nor will it ever be hollow. I know that at some point, I will get everything God has promised me as I faithfully follow and do the best work that I can. Some days when we're out tracting, it feels fruitless and the sun beats down and it gets SO UNBELIEVABLY HOT. But I've noticed that my body keeps putting one foot in front of the other. I'm walking, I'm knocking, and I'm doing the work the very best I know how. How comforting to know that God is aware and mindful of everything I do. How comforting to know that the judge of my trial is omnipotent and loving. How comforting to know that I can sleep after I finish planning. The greatest comfort of all is the knowing part. I feel that, although my faith may not be as mighty as Alma's or Nephi's, my faith has become perfected in a few good things like the knowledge of God and my Savior, my purpose, His plan for me... you know. The things I teach about. Salvation and stuff.

And when you put the two things together (the trials with the end results) and you're whining because your feet hurt and it's hot and it's utterly hopeless, then there's nothing more to say then "SUCK IT UP."

Fake it till you make it, cuz once you make it, IT'S AWESOME SAUCE COOL BEANS :D

Enjoy your Santa Barbara weather! (ingrates)
Love, Sister Gunson

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