Friday, December 20, 2013

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud For All To Hear (ALSO: Address Update!)

231 Oakview Dr.
Double Oak, Texas
Oh boy.

So, transfers are fun. My new companion is Sister Heap. She and I came out together! She's from San Diego, so we reminisce and stuff. But the all-time best thing we do here in Lantana is CAROLING. Oh my gosh!! Heap and I carol as a companionship and sometimes we drag families out to make them introduce us to their friends! I haven't sung this much consistently since "Hello Dolly". So I really hope I sound good.

I always knew music was an important feature and prominently displayed tool in our religion's culture... but it's fascinating to watch it work as a missionary tool! Doors that would usually shut are wide open! We get to see so many people! And it's awesome to watch them warm up and feel the spirit. It's like having the heater slowly turn on. All of a sudden, the lights come on. It's a wonderful life....

Lantana's just about to bust wide open. Our investigators are solid, although they prefer an inch by inch form of progression. Which... is fine. if they're deciding to be baptized, then I'd rather they be solid and convicted. Sister Heap and I just have a lot of conversations that go like this:


With this new area, I'm really excited. I wish I had more to say, but our lessons like to punch. I will say this. My new favorite person in the area is Dakota. He's 7 years old and has ADHD as bad as I did when I was 7. So teaching him is literally my favorite thing ever because I understand everything going on in his brain and everyone else doesn't. Also, he understands things the way I do. I just really want to take him home with me.

Oh! And guess what? 2 things: there are folks in my ward that know Clark and Joanne!! They're super close friends with them, they're the Tim family. They're super sweet! And Sister Heap and I taught seminary today. Dude, I have NO idea how I got up at 5 every morning.

Love y'all! Have a sweet week!
Sister Gunson

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sister Hannah Lantana (AKA Transfer Time!)


Well... the day I have most feared and dreaded has arrived... I'm being transferred from my beloved Justin to serve in Lantana. It's right by Lewisville, according to my ZL. I'm excited, because now I get a fresh start... but it's so hard to see the people I love SO MUCH stay here while I have to go elsewhere. it's okay. That's what mission tours are for.

This week was been the weirdest week of my mission, probably my life. I was able to go get my eyes checked out after having weeks of eyeball-pain... turns out I need glasses. By the time we got out of the office... freezing rain had started in. We started to drive cautiously home and then our ZL's called and said "get in the apartment now please." We headed back to our apartment and tried to be proactive.

Now, where we live, we live outside of our area on essentially an island. We are surrounded by dangerous freeways and highways that cannot be walked, 10 miles outside of our area. We were given permission to walk... however.... Given the circumstances, there isn't much we can do.

Did you know that there's a limit to how many times you call your potentials and Less-Actives? Well we didn't. We bugged everybody in the area book at least 7 times. We walked around our apartment and tried to hand out pass along cards. We called our Less Actives again. We taught people over the phone! We ran out of things to do to stay proactive within the first day.

Yes, first day.

Because there was so much ice on the roads (yeah, not snow, ICE) we were on lockdown for 3 and a half days. No church on Sunday; members were dropping off dinners like St. Bernards because we couldn't even get members to drive us. So... we went a little stir crazy.

This week was weird, man. Really weird. Napper and I had a lot of bonding time, though. Surprisingly, we didn't kill each other.

Have a good week!
Sister Hannah Lantana

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gobble Gobble

So far Hannah is still at the same address:
8299 Small Block Road #622
Northlake, Texas 76262-3332
Hey y'all!

One of the coolest ways to feel the spirit is when you have ADHD. All of a sudden... you're focused in on what's going on AND you understand every word of it. I freaking love teaching our investigators because basically all of them are under the age of 20 with severe to moderate ADHD. We all get along so well...

Peyton and Tori are back on the map!! They now teach us the lessons... which is really funny. They started teaching Plan of Salvation and they started with death. They forgot the pre-existence or our mortal existence... they said "Okay, so, it all starts with death..." Well... we know what we need to work on now.

We're still waiting on Cailee to get permission... Due to all the headachey legal complexities, I don't think I'll ever be a lawyer. Sorry Gunson clan, I can't carry on the tradition of criminal judiciary. SO MUCH HEADACHE.

Sean-- and his brother Ben-- were treated to probably one of the best lessons ever. Sister Napper and I were on fire. It was at the end of the day, we were tired, but we sat down and let them teach themselves through questions and allegories. If you didn't know.. that's the best way to teach. They're scheduled for baptism on the 19th!! And they're really funny to watch. Sean reminds me of people back home, so it's fun for me to teach my friends. Kind of. Does that make sense?

My boots got a hole in them. A pretty wide hole. But.... That's okay because that's what duct tape is for. (pictures attached.)

I went on an exchange with the Spanish sisters over sunday and got to go to church in Spanish... That was really cool, man. Pretty dang sweet. I love Spanish cultures.

Hope y'all had a happy thanksgiving! I sure did! We picked the right house to have turkey with...., a most excellent meal was had and I am fat and happy.

Have a great week!
Love, Sister Gunson