Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sister Gunslinger and The Boy That Lived


I'm sure y'all remember me talking about The Boy That Lived. He's next summer's activity, I've been invited back to be his nanny. HE DONE BEEN DUNKED THIS WEEK WHOOHOO!!! And all of his non-member/ Less-Active family was there!!! YAY FOR PROGRESS AND SUCCESS! Ah, triumph. During his confirmation, I knew, i just KNEW he was one of the elect. Only age 10, his confirmation promised an eternal family and a full-time mission. Missions are forEVER. They are not 18months-2 years!! That's where they start, but the impact goes on for SO LONG. I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner...

So yes, it's been a much better week than the past couple I've bene having... Sunday night,while I was saying my prayers, I had such a warm, comforting feeling. It came on slowly and then all of a sudden I was just wrapped in this toasty blanket. I knew that God was proud of me and that I had passed whatever test He had wanted me to. I had endured well and God gave me a good pat on the back.

And then God handed us everything. This week was on fire!! Every day was jam-packed with appointments and the times when those appointments backed out, I just walked with faith to the back-up plans and I knew that God would bless us and put us where we needed to be. Sure enough, He did. We met at least 2 solid people this week. One of them came to church AND the baptism we had yesterday!! His name is Gotye and.. he's another french speaker. From the Congo. Haha.... no seriously guys, help me learn french. DAD. HELP ME. So we met him Friday, and then he came to the baptism saturday and then church on sunday. During the baptism, he told me that once, in the Congo, he saw "les Saints de Dernier Jours" spray-painted on a fence. He said "it's.... odd, no?"  I was about ready to bounce out of my chair!!! "DUDE, are you serious???" I didn't say that... but... I thought it. Foreshadowing. Eh, Gotye?

We also met Rough Rider-- she stopped us! And we met with her everyday until she got a little virus. We gave her a book of Mormon and told her to read it. The next day when we went over, she had read all the way into 1 Nephi 12. And you could feel and see the spirit around her. She said "I feel like my life is starting over! I feel excited! Fresh! I was praying that God would send me someone to show me the right way. And he sent you." She had gone to many churches before but always felt like something was missing from each one of them... She's had a very rough life, it actually scared me a little (read: a lot.) She had been held captive and abused over in Azle (which is in the mission) and she finally turned her life over to Christ. I love meeting the "I should be dead right now" people because there's a reason they're not dead yet. I think I know the reason...

This week was good. Really good. I'll forever be grateful for the muscle and callous that developed because of those trials and the privilege it was to be hated for my Savior's sake. I love Euless. Some of my bestest friends are here. Y'all won't mind if I spend next summer here.... right???

Love, Sister Gunslinger

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