Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Who's Gonna Stop Me?

Ayn Rand once said "it's not about who's going to let me-- it's about who's going to stop me." With that in mind, I open this digital soapbox. 

This week was pretty full of cool stories. Last week was crazyness, this week it's been adventure time with the spirit. We started it off with an INCREDIBLE Zone Council (oh yeah-- we've changed the name from Training to Council. BOOM. More spiritual efficiency.) It cam etime to decide our baptismal goals for August and September.... May I remind you that Colleyville isn't exactly a Brazilian mission (sorry for the could-be-take-as-a-deragatory-remark, I love you Brazil and I'm almost sorry y'all didn't win the world cup, there's nothing wrong with a Brazil mission, I'm just saying y'all have some stereotypes in your statistics....). Our current ZL was serving here in the Tongan Wards and it was a miracle if they were able to get 2 baptisms a month. SO when our ZL writes a huge 8 on the board and says "I think 8-- what do y'all think?" we all were like "........ hm." Here's what was going on in my head: I started to get a little jaded about our area. I was like "yeah, we could baptize in September, I don't know about August though... that'd take a miracle" and I still haven't learned that Heavenly Father answers prayers, dag-gummit!! The other half of our zone was like "that's... impossible, let's not get our hopes too high" and the other half was saying "OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH!!" We went into overtime by about 20 minutes. We said "okay, let's write everybody on the board with any slim chance of making it to baptism in August." Not including the 2 already dunked and the 4 projected.... 10 names were on that board. About 10 minutes later, we were all in agreement that we were gonna move Heaven and Hell to get this goal!! It is a big miracle... but it is doable. Because all things are doable with a limitless God to back you up (WHY HAVEN'T WE LEARNED THIS YET) 

So what's become of that horrible french I've been learning and attempting to speak...? Well, it's invited two people to baptism!! Gotye and our newest investigator are Congo-French speakers and they've both accepted baptism!! AND GOTYE ACCEPTED AN AUGUST DATE!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH See, this is what happens when you believe!! THERREE CAAAAN BEEE MIRRRAAAACCCLLLEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!! 

Plus, the Joker came up to me before sacrament meeting yesterday and showed me his preisthood ordination interview form. August 24th is gonna be the best stake conference OF MY LIFE. There is very little stopping me from tackle-hugging this little man and his wife. 

On a sad note (for me-- my mother and Miranda are simply OVER-JOYED) I got my trunky packet this week. My ZL (he goes home with me) texted and said "SISTER GUNSON DON'T GET THE MAIL" right as I got to the mail box and I went ".... no. Sister Kuli, this big white envelope is for you." I was thinking about it that night after I said my prayers.... Guys, I can't imagine a life without these people and this place in my life. I almost cried to Awesomeness the next day cuz I told her that Texas owns some of my best friends and there is no part of my life that won't include them. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around the idea that I didn't know these people.... I remember flipping my mission call over and over in my hands.... not knowing that it contained the greatest blessing, the best decision and the greatest love I would ever know. I feel like these names were tucked away secretly in some pocket in thatr envelope.... Does that make any sense? 

Anyways.... I love Texas. I'm still in denial so y'all can count days but I will gleefully remain oblivious. 

Have a great week! 
Love, Sister Gunson 

PS: HAPPY (admittedly late) 75TH BIRTHDAY PAPA!!! KEEP ROCKIN' IT! 
PPS: Thank you to the Youth Conference kids who wrote letters-- whoever drew the dinosaur is totally making the next planner cover.

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