Sunday, June 12, 2011

Story Time: I've met Geoffrey Rush

Once upon a time, I had a dream. I wanted to be famous. I wanted people to know me when I walked down the street, I wanted to laugh at all those who had previously laughed at me. But most importantly, I wanted to talk to famous people. Then one day, it happened! My senior year of high school, I got to talk to famous people! Who did I talk to? Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Nicole Kidman. Why did I get to talk to famous people? Because Santa Barbara does this Film Festival. And my school decided to send Co-Captain, Second in Command, and me to go talk to them. 'Cuz we were on the school's newspaper. 

You dream of this sort of moment all your life. The chance to talk to the person that brought countless characters to life! So what are you going to say to them? Something witty? Make them laugh? Well.... Geoffrey Rush laughed at me. Not laughed WITH me, laughed AT me. Going back to the whole “want to say something witty” dream? 
Geoffrey Rush has what’s known as the ‘Triple Crown of Acting’ which is when you’ve won an Oscar, Emmy and a Tony. Knowing that he’s taking a play he’s in down in Sydney up to Broadway in New York City, I decided to ask him about his achievements. For posterity, I elaborated on what a Triple Crown was while talking to Rush. I thought I had completed each word, correctly saying each syllable. Os-car, Em-my, To- 

Apparently I didn’t finish that last syllable. 

Like any educated man, Rush called me out. Not only that, but his amused reply of “.... Toe...” threw me completely off all rails. Flustered and confused, I attempted a recovery, but to no avail. Rush displayed the admirable trait to laugh things off and segue beautifully into an intellectual reply. In parting, he turned, laughed, and reassured me that he would “remember that one.” 

I think my face matched the brilliant red hue of the carpet I was standing by. 

Pictured: Geoffrey Rush laughing at me. 

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