Friday, October 19, 2012

Story Time: I Almost Died Today; Again

I fell off a tall stage platform today. 

Short Story Longer: For the curtain call on my show, the actors come from backstage out the the front three platforms (we're in a black box theatre). From where I finished the show (because I do finish the show) I'm on the top platform on one end of the stage. (this would be so much easier if I had a picture to show you). There are about 4 steps down to the next platform. Getting down isn't so much the problem, but I have to get back up the stairs after I bow in pitch darkness. 

Now. The way the platform/stairs were built, there's about a square 1/2 foot to the side of just nothing. If you can't see the stairs and follow them, you can easily fall off as there are no guard rails/ 

DO you see where I'm going with this? 

So, I miss the step. My toes had found the platform but my heels hadn't. When I put my weight on my foot, I fell through the nothingness. Somehow, I managed to catch myself on the ledge as I was falling. Didn't break anything, but when I hit the floor, my knees gave out from adrenaline so I really was clinging to the edge of the stage by my fingertips. 

I fell during the blackout, so all people heard was a thud and my two co-actors yelling my name. The lights come back up and I'm hanging onto the ledge, practically swinging, yelling "I'M ALIVE! I'M ALIVE!" 
The director and stage manager ran over to me and were like "youokayyouokayyouokay" and I was like "yeah dudes, I'm fine. Fallen from a lot worse, you know? I'm good." And I felt really cool cuz I thought people cared about me. 

Turns out that they were just really freaking out about the potential accident form that they would have to fill out if I had twisted something. Thanks, guys. I feel cared for. 

The best part is... I barely remember it. Because I fell during a pitch blackout, I can't remember anything but the feeling of falling and even that is fading away by the minute. The worst part of it was that I have no scars or anything. Just some bruises, a scrape here and there, and some soreness in my legs. 



  1. So glad you are okay! How tall was the platform??? Was this during a performance or rehearsal? What show is this? Who is directing? obviously I want a few more details. Oh and by the way I miss you! :) GIVE ME DEETS!!!

    1. Well.... The platform was about 5 foot something, a tad taller than me.. During a rehearsal and Bates was directing.
      Oh, and Omar wrote the show. it's called Bielzy and Gottfried :)
      Miss you too, babe!

  2. I hate it when I get hurt and it doesn't even scar. I got hit in the head with the end of a log once and it didn't even BRUISE. I feel your pain, my friend. I feel your pain.

    1. I hate it because then I have nothing with which to brag with to my guy friends. Or send pictures to my mother for instant coddling.