Monday, January 6, 2014

"If I Ever Go Inactive, Punch Me In The Face"

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My companion has a certain proclivity for golden one-liners the way Christ has the tendency to teach in parables.

This week was a bit of a roller coaster. Brianna, one of the most epic investigators I've ever had in my life decided to call off her baptismal date and stop meeting with us. We asked her member friend to invite her over so that we could talk with her for just 10 minutes. Thankfully, she agreed to that... And 10 minutes turned into an hour of whittling away her concerns. We got down to the heart of it all... Turns out she had stopped reading and praying every night so when the doubts came around, she wasn't able to fight them off and succumbed to it. Is there a correlation between scripture study, prayer, church and stability?! Hm, I just don't know... Why don't you try it for yourself? We were able to pump her back up, help her see blessings, and most importantly, she understood how much we loved her. That's the hardest thing is to love somebody so much while they believe you view them as a number... THAT'S NOT HOW THINGS REALLY ARE. She's back on track, meeting with her regularly! She hasn't reannounced her date yet, but... She'll get there :)

The week ended on a good strong note when we taught Zach Owen. As you might remember, last week he blew us away with his immediate testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. Well this week, when we taught the Plan of Salvation, he rendered me absolutely speechless when I asked him "What do you think is the purpose of life?" It's okay, not a lot of people get that, I know I didn't really grasp Alma 34:32, what 18 year old does? Well... Zach got Matthew 28:19-20.... He thought about the question for a minute, looked up and said "I think it's to teach people the gospel. So that everyone knows the truth."

.... Who is this kid? And why are we teaching him?! Just hand him a Preach My Gospel and then he can call us when he wants his baptismal interview. Like, SERIOUSLY. I feel SO unqualified to teach him.... He blows us away at every turn. He set his date for January 24... that's in a couple weeks and boy oh boy he will get there. Wow.

It's days and times like these that testify to me that I cannot go back. I literally know too much. I have seen too much of the goodness of God to ever deny it. I watch Christ take ordinary men and turn them into powerful beacons. I watch the Spirit teach the people I love and help them turn their lives around... Geez. I'm reminded of how often the angels tell people "Marvel not." but I just can't help it!! The power of God is no small thing. It's just no wonder we say "I stand all amazed." My mortal mind can't form a cohesive enough thought process when I think about everything He's done for me and for the world.

Speechless. Absolutely speechless.

Love, Sister Gunson

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