Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Briana is Amazing and Gives us Mints and Notes (and a BONUS story from Mama Gunson)

Sometimes, I get to the computer and I forget everything that happened this week. Awkward.

Well, this week was literally a blur. An exhausting blur. Thank goodness for the sweet letters from friends and family that help me remember what's going on. (Thanks family for the awesome pictures. I love how Enzo drew me throwing Books of Mormon at a mob with torches and pitchforks. That's real love. And I'm glad that Dad figured out my scarves are a part of my daily armor. Paul must've skipped that in Ephesians, but it's okay because I was guided through personal revelation.)

The thing that makes the angels sing, the grass grow green and the sky so blue, however, is Briana. And this is why she's amazing.

On Tuesday, we watched the hour long Restoration movie, the super intense one (by missionary standards... I don't know if I can handle Disney movies anymore) and afterwards, we sat there in silence until someone said "So.... how do you feel?"

Briana feels the spirit in chills. She calls them the "good goosebumps." And when we were done with the movie, she said "well... I got the biggest chills of this whole experience!!" She turned to look at us and said "I will be baptized February 16th." WHAT INVESTIGATOR DOES THAT?! She basically committed US to come to her baptism. Holy cow. She's been like this every step of the way. I don't want to give the mission office our picture because I feel like I can't take any credit or part in this process. She has been taught from on high through scriptures and prayer. I thank Heavenly Father that He let me watch the process.

We saw her again on Thursday to talk about some technical aspects of the baptism (programs, times, etc) and she gave us presents! (Sister Heap and I LOVE mints. I devour the strawberry icebreaker duos like a madwoman.) So she gave us each another thing of mints and a sweet note just thanking us. I glued it into my journal. Be shocked I didn't hang it.

She just..... she beams light now! She didn't used to! The light of Christ is present and shooting out of her eyes! IT WASN'T THERE BEFORE. Oh my gosh, you guys, progress is amazing!! YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE! I don't know how many times I can say that.
And don't you forget it. Because wow. When you let yourself be that molded by Christ... you turn into the most amazing investigator ever. Now she's talking about BYU and she's shooting for a temple marriage. I told her to go on a mission (of course I did) but whatever she chooses to do... she's amazing. And she's gonna do it well.

Anyways, love y'all! Have a great week!
Sister Gunson
BONUS STORY from Mama Gunson!
I just HAD to share this experience with those of you who care enough about Hannah to read her letters. Tonight, as our family was eating dinner at a favorite local Mexican restaurant, accompanied by my sweet niece, Bryn (who is a world-class ballerina, I might add--in town to perform with the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company at the Granada tomorrow night) I got a phone call originating from Texas.  Startled, I answered it, praying that Hannah hadn't been hurt.  On the other end was Brianna.  The same Brianna about whom Hannah has written.  She and her member friend had felt the need to call the mothers of the missionaries who had helped Brianna join the church.  Of course I started crying which led everyone at the table to stare at me agape until I finally had the presence of mind to give a thumbs up so they knew no one had died.  Brianna went on to tell me what a great influence Hannah has had on her and how great of a missionary she is.  I finally choked out "what an amazing gift you have just given me" to which she replied "you are the one who gave me the gift of your daughter".  Yeah, I'm crying right now...

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