Monday, May 5, 2014

The Ballad of True Grit / Jedi Robes

My email heading actually sounds like a really boss blue-grass song. Quick, somebody write it!!

Well guys, this week was "run around like a chicken with its head cut off" week. We had a LOT of appointments and we were running pretty swiftly. Consequently... I am tired today. I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a bus. Probably because the week caught up to me.

First of all, True Grit really has true grit. Last week, she had a violent altercation with her boyfriend and permanantly kicked him out. The cops helped. When we went over, we went with the purpose to talk about CPR (church pray read, the magical formula of how to life). I was able to bear testimony of some of the more temporal things the Book of Mormon has done for me. I shared the first time I realized the Book of Mormon was true: It was a really petty situation, and I expected a lot of high-school drama to follow. But it never did. I was too preoccupied with the fresh wave of determined scripture study to care about what was going on. It filled me with peace, and the serenity pushed out all of the anxiety and heartbreak that could have ensued. It was really cool for me to share that with True Grit because it was the first time I had the opportunity to share it with an investigator.

In hindsight, I was kind of mad at myself that such a petty thing got the snowball of faith going.... but the story of it helped my investigator out. So... I'm kind of glad I had that experience.

Personal soap box time: Before I left Lantana, I had asked Heavenly Father to see the design. To see the grand and curious workmanship of my mission. I wanted to see things fall in to place because, at that time, small puzzles pieces had put themselves together. I got a little greedy and wanted to see more. Within my first week at Euless, I saw HUGE pieces of the puzzle come together. I have continued to see things click and it is REALLY COOL. The things I'm able to help my comp with, my area, the 'gators... There truly is a grand design and I've been so blessed to see it.

True Grit's daughter is now staying with her. With her scum-of-the-earth boyfriend gone (I studied charity today and forgot to apply it...) she asked her daughter to come help her. Plus, her daughter's pregnant and True Grit will be adopting the baby so she wants to make sure her daughter is being healthy. We met again last night and invited her to take the lessons. She accepted!! Quite readily, actually!! SO YAYYY!!

True Grit continues to knock down her trials with excellent force. Her smoking habits are decreasing rapidly and she's on fire. Last night, we taught her how to read her scriptures and used 1 Nephi 8 (Lehi's dream).  We started talking about symbolism.. She says "First thing Ima do when I get to Heaven is head straight for the glowing tree! I'm gonna say "Hey! Where's the fruit?! I wanna glow!!" Then she paused.... and said "There IS a glowing-fruit tree in Heaven, right?" She also refers to the Celestial Kingdom as "the Sun." She's hysterical, I love her to death!

We did service for Tender Mercy and she's our new best friend. She and her husband cover just about every inch of the Kingdom of Nerd. We were helping them pack up and when I was packing up their closet, I found some legit Jedi Robes. Of course I put it on, who do you think I am??
We went over for dinner later in the week and they brought us In-N-Out!! It's still the best burger in the world!! I got into a conversation with her husband about Scottish history. I said "Oh yeah, I'm related to a clan leader!" He thought that was cool and asked me what his name was. When I told him it was Robert the Bruce, his jaw dropped to the floor. Did you guys know that we're related to the other William Wallace? Apparently, he was a pretty big freedom fighter. Why didn't yout tell me sooner?! What's even cooler is that his ancestor was Robert the Bruce's Liutenant that took his embalmed heart to the Holy Land when Robert died.

Quick summary: getting referrals from members and ward council is more effective now (probably because we and the elders with whom we split the ward had a pow-wow specifically for it); we're hunting people out of the holes in the rocks (our potential sheets and all the LA's the ward council doesn't know) and we go to bed exhausted every night. We also have a Dr. Who 1000 piece puzzle of the Tardis exploding that we slowly hack away at during lunchtime so that we can unwind. Our days are just packed.

Have some pictures!

Love, Sister Gunson

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