Saturday, May 31, 2014

Murphy's Law

I'm sure you're all familiar with the idea that "anything that could go wrong, will." It's referred to as "Murphy's Law" and being previously immersed in a culture that embraced it and prepared for it (theatre) I thought I was pretty adapted to it.

Usually when you say things like that, some force for either good or bad takes that as a challenge.

Sunday night, took a look at our week and it was JAM PACKED. Our days were filled with appointments with NEW people and exchanges. It was lined up to be the most awesomest punch-the-adversary-in-the-face, kick-butt week a missionary could imagine.... And then none of it happened. With the exception of one lesson with "the Joker and Harley Quinn"... everybody cancelled because of things out of everyone's control. Cars broke down, daughters got sick, grandkids needed to be taken care of, fiances fell down flights of stairs, work called them to work an extra 4 hours.... you name it, it happened.

With "the Joker and Harley Quinn", that lesson was a little bit less than effective because our exchange (a member of our ward who went with us) must've been frustrated with the Joker because he shoved every single commitment in PMG (asides from following the example of our Savior and being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority) down his throat and it was not so lovingly done. We went back 2 days later to make sure everything was okay. It is-- and they both are going to quit smoking this week!!

So success can be found around every corner. The important thing is to focus on that.

We were asked to speak at a youth fireside about preparing for missions!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME. I spoke about preparing spiritually. Elder Wright's comic about missionaries being "Black Ops for Jesus" resurfaced and made yet another cameo. And then they opened it up for a panel and they asked some REALLY good questions.

We had a less active member call us for some "eternity questions" that we're just so not qualified to answer... and then "Murphy" (his name has been changed to protect his identity.... but he's the guy we taught in Lantana that we had to refer to Euless that now I get to teach again) called us because his whole life is the EPITOME of Murphy's Law (hence the nickname) and he needed someone to talk to. It felt a lot like my high school days... You never really outgrow the role of "free shrink." They'll always find you, I guess. (It's okay, I love it). The only conflict this time around is that because of my calling, I really can't get... "involved." But Murphy is still doing good... we just need lots of exchanges.

So I want to tell y'all an interesting story with a piece of juicy fruit news. After district meeting, we had an appointment with "Wonderful". It punched because when we walked up to her for said appointment... she was in a violent vocal altercation with her neighbor upstairs. We caught the tail end of it, but I think the neighbor was accusing Wonderful's daughter of being a home-wrecker... Wonderful calmly walked up to us after the neighbor stormed off and I asked her if she was okay. She got up real close and in the lowest possible voice said "if anything happens to me... remember the people upstairs."

..... Dude, where am I serving? Texas?.... Really?

We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation, about the reason for opposition and eternal families... we gave her the pamphlet and a hug. We're walked away and I'm thinking "How the heck... what just happened?" and it was especially difficult because my dear sweet companion was struggling and having a hard time teaching. I was a little wrapped up in myself (more so than I should be, I know) and wishing I could have a mission-wise older companion....
... and then President calls.  Sister Morrill answered the phone... chats a bit about the day we'd been having... and then says "uh, sure, she's right here." She mouthed "IT'S PRESIDENT"so  I took the phone.... and got a "spiritual call from the Lord" to train.

I am training. I'm going to have "posterity." I am training. WHAT?!?!?!

So tomorrow, I'm gonna go pick up the newbie.... oh pray for me.

How was your week??
Love, Sister Gunson

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