Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Cannot Believe in Anything Else

Sister Kuli quote of the week: We're trying to get one of our investigators to break up with her dysfunctional boyfriend... so I said "okay... how are we going to get her to break up with him?" and she thinks for a minute and says "oh! We could kill him!" I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

So, we had zone conference on Tuesday. In it, they told us the secrets of weekly planning. I love President so much because he shows up and starts streamlining everything. President Sagers taught us to work hard and President Ames is making us so dang efficient!!! He cuts all the fluff and mystery away and shines light on shadows that don't need to be there. He broke planning down to 7 steps and when we applied them that Thursday... holy cow. It was the first planning in a year where I haven't been stressed and frazzled out of my mind. I would share these secrets with you, but I'll wait for the spirit to teach you ;)

We're teaching The Boy That Lived again!! Getting him ready for his July baptism!!! He's such a spiritual kid... but he has a hard time communicating. He was trying to explain to us how he felt about Christ's atonement, but everyone was confused. Except for me. I fully believe that the spirit of tongues involves understanding kids and I was the only one who understood what he was trying to say. Not even his mom understood! I'm telling you-- it's the spirit!! We explained the priesthood to him and told him that it helps people who are in pain. He said "my mom needs that!" (his mom has arthritis in her spine). and then he said "when I'm baptized, can I give my mom a blessing?"  He's 10 years old folks, say hello to a future apostle.

I made Sister Kuli do some old-fashioned walking this week! IT FELT SO GOOD. Last week we were running from place to place and this time we had time to knock some doors, do some potential hunting and wear out some soles! We walked past a Tongan methodist church (yes, that's a thing.) and they were getting ready for a Luau or something because when we walked past the church's "backyard" (for lack of a better word) they were roasting what must've been 20 whole pigs. WHOLE. PIGS. It smelled so good, but I got Lord of the Flies whiplash...

On the way home from church, we were talking to a LA (less active member) who grabbed us after Relief Society and begged us to come over this week and teach her daughter about Heavenly Father. There's no man in that household and her daughter is feeling it hard. I imagine the level of plea in her eyes was of the same strain as the man who begged Jesus to heal his son. We figured a time and then she gave us a ride home. On the way back, she unloaded on her week. Her venting was punctuated by testimonies of how she knew God was her Heavenly Father. She pointed out details of her trials that she pinpointed as evidence of "only a father could have divinely set that up." We pulled up to our apartment and as I looked her in the eye, I told her "I cannot believe in anything other than a literal Father in Heaven." She started crying again and said "neither can I."

Heavenly Father has dealt me so many tender mercies to let me know I"m doing fine. I mean, of course God loves me, He hasn't struck me with lightning yet....

I'll leave y'all with a quote from Lion king that has SUCH eternal truths....

"You have forgotten who you are and so forgotten me. You are my son and the one true king."

Let us not forget Whose we are... lest we forget who He is.

I LOVE YOU DADDY. You're the best earthly dad I could have!!!!

Love, Sister Gunson

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