Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mission Log, Stardate 5/20/13: Respect the Piracy

My MTC district held a meeting a couple weeks ago. To discuss our Disney characters. yeah, y'all thought I wasn't being serious, but nope. Oops. The hardest part was the rule they made at the beginning: "You are not allowed to choose for yourself or fight/defend a choice." Now, keep in mind that we're discussing Disney CHARACTERS. Not princessess, not villains, ALL THE CHARACTERS EVER. So I started sweating like a sinner in church when they weren't leaning towards Rapunzel. Oh no... they leaned all the way to Hercules.

To Meg.

The Elders were in unanimous vote and the sisters couldn't think of anyone better. I can agree with that... mostly because I AM a damsel, I AM in distress, BUT I can handle this. Have a nice day.

So now I'm in Texas!! Did you guys know that Texas is flat? Also, everything is big. Really big. It's humid, it's hot, but breezy most days. And the air smells like wild freedom and southern hospitality. I. AM. IN. LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!! Except for the humidity, I think that can die in a hole somewhere in the Mississippi. Also, I'm pretty sure I should marry a Texan, cuz I LOVE the homestyle manners. With the "yessir" and the "no m'am please thank you." Yeah, that's freaking awesome. Why doesn't California have that?! yes, they all say "y'all." I've heard some pretty thick accents and it's rubbing off on me. So I don't use the full "ing" and I measure distance in time and I say y'all frequently. But I think I was doing that a while ago. Guess I do it more now. And yes, I've had brisket already. And Bluebell ice cream, both of which will be the reason I need to sew elastic bands to the waists of my skirts. It's so good.... It's so good, my daughter's name is gonna be Bluebell.

I'm gonna talk for a second about my CTR ring... I've had it for maybe 2 and a half years now. I rarely take it off and because of such behavior, this ring is quite battered, scratched and beaten. It arrived smooth and slick, but now the only thing that remains the same is the CTR crest in the centre of the band. I do not want a newer ring in favor of a smoother finish because I think of thoser scratches like battle scars on my testimony. They don't make me weaker. And any girl with a good head will tell you that scars are hot anyways. They prove to me that I've seen war and lived to tell of it. If you're fixing to go fight Satan, you better come back with a couple of wounds or you didn't fight hard enough! I was just noticing that right now and I can't wait for more scratches! Scratches are proof that you're living! My favorite 6-year old once said to his tiger that "if your knees aren't grass-stained by the end of the day, you ought to seriously re-examine your life." I think we should apply that to our testimonies. We'll assuredly be blessed for it.

Now. 2 weeks ago, an elder in my district said something in response to my quick and fierce answer to his question: "Sister Gunson, are you a ninja or a pirate?" According to Jane Austen... piracy is my only option, so I was thankful for his positive response. He said "Sister, I respect your piracy. In fact, I knew you were a pirate before you said it because you love life and you do what you want. You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to do this."

Folks, this elder is 100% undeniably right.

I want you all to know that I want to be out here. My desires to serve God and do this work is a giant fire and the fire to do God's will can't possibly go out. Even in the midst of hurricances. Because God continually feeds it. As I walk out my door, expecting many doors to be slammed in my face, I do it now with a heartful of song because there's simply nothing else I'd rather be doing.

If you don't know this by know, if I don't want to do something... I won't do it. Conversely, if I am so deeply rooted in my desires to do something, good luck getting me to quit. I almost dare you to try. You'll walk away disappointed. See y'all in 18 months!

Love, Sister Gunson

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