Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mission Log, Stardate 5/28/13: Week of Fire

My first area is called "Hurst South" and it's BIG. Everyone here is real friendly though! They say things like "y'all be safe 'round here, kay?" and "watch out fo' yo'selves!" and "I was so worried when they said sisters were coming cuz I've lived here my whole life and I've had guns pulled on me.."

So, my trainer and I are pioneering a ghetto, scuze me, an area that hasn't seen sister missionaries because it's been too unsafe. Hm. But you know what? President Sagers wouldn't send us out here if we couldn't handle the gun shots at 1:30 am and proselyting to the drug dealers. We're just doin' that work only sisters can do!

But you meet a lot of crazy people doing this kind of talking-to-everyone-you-meet thing. Not just stereotypical black people (cuz they exist) but Muslims too! We were tracting the other day and ran into a very nice Muslim couple--that tried to convert us. They didn't let us get a word in edgewise and we ended up leaving with an English copy of the Qur'an. It's sitting on my desk at home. Of all the things I thought I would get on my mission, an invitation to go to mosque was not one...

I also managed to find the only native frenchmen in all of Texas! So me and my limited french got to try out some faith when I tried to bear my testimony in french. It went really well, actually, because I said what was most important: "Je sais le Livre de Mormon est vrai." And guess what? He's getting baptized!

Speaking of, it's been a "Week of Fire" for me and Sister Grimnes. We've taught 27 lessons, got 7 new investigators and we have 4 baptismal dates! I've extended one of those dates and I LOVE these people!! They have such a firm foundation on Christ that they're willing to do what He asks of them. I wish everybody was like that.

I just want to talk about faith really quick with y'all. I used to think that faith was manifested in the bringing about of awe-inspiring miracles. Like fire coming down from heaven and speaking languages you never heard of. But I've forgotten what faith can actually do. I thought that, as a missionary, I didn't have enough faith to be out here. But as I've decided to keep walking and keep serving and keep on... well, keeping on, I've realized that faith manifests itself (sometimes) in a person's ability to just.. do it. I don't know if I could suddenly speak Tagalog because my faith is so great and mighty but I do know that my faith is strong enough to haul myself out of bed every day and walk into the darker parts of this area. It's strong enough to allow me to be fearless when I walk up to people who are smoking or drinking. More often than not, they're the ones that'll listen.

Jesus administered to the sick and afflicted. There are some nicer areas where the homes are bigger and the air smells cleaner, but evidently, that's not where I'm supposed to be. Just pray for continued safety, and I'll be fine!

Keep on keepin' on!!
Sister Gunson

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  1. Sister Gunson,
    3 pairs of Sister Missionaries opened up the Bronx in NY. I was there one transfer after it opened. The drug dealers turned out to be receptive, kind, and protected us. I think sister missionaries were such a novel idea in their dangerous area, that they wanted to keep us around.
    I like what you said about faith! Faith is about doing. In the doing, we demonstrate a trust in our Heavenly Father. I am super proud of you! By the way, it speaks volumes about the type of missionary you are that you were selected to open an area to sister missionaries. It makes me smile~
    sending prayers your way~