Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Would Walk 500 Miles and I Would Walk 500 More

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Hey Y'all!

So, before I get into this week, I'd like to tell some funny stories. One: I got hit on again. A truck literally pulled us over as we were walking and straight up asked if either me or Napper were single. Single to the glory of God, sir, thanks.

Second: Our favorite family in the ward had us over for dinner and as we were leaving, they took their 4 monstrous pugs on a walk. They were running everywhere and as the husband was trying to corral them, their flock of guinea hens started coming out to join the party and it was a site to behold.

Third: I ate alligator. We found a Cajun restaurant and had some 'gator po boys. So. Good.

Fourth: Dad, I had Babe's and it's nothing to scream about. Just big servings.

So, this week started out with a break-up from Peyton and Tori's mom. She said that they're moving "too fast" and that their dad wants them to wait. A while. All of this by text, no less. It was a harsh blow to see that, once again, Agency is at it's most pill-ish. Our ZL's (zone leaders) even called us and said "WHAT HAPPENED?!" But they left us with the reminder that God deals with this everyday and there are still prophets and miracles. We just have to wait..... I hate wait.

With that dark cloud looming over the week, for some reason, the energy-sucker came to town and left me and Napper void of much muscle-movement. We're eating right, we're sleeping during the allotted hours... what's the deal?! We try and push and power through... by the time we're done planning, we basically crawl to the shower, crawl to the bed... 5 seconds later the alarm clock rings and it continues.... ad nauseum. This leaves us thinking "WHAT GIVES?! We're doing the very best we can, why is this happening? Is this going to be... forEVER?!" We're very confused and I'm left thinking "Am I killing the natural man, or just myself?"

It was a really rough and really really weird week. IN addition to the missionary work, one night, as we were coming home, we saw 3 women, looking for these 2 teenagers. One of them was deaf and we had to communicate through a notebook. The deaf woman saw us and frantically scrawled "I'M A MORMON TOO" on the page. Immediately, we asked her for her bishop and her home-teacher's numbers. Her daughter had run away and, because we're not actually people, we couldn't run out with flashlights and search. We did the best we could, but eventually, her bishop told us to go home and that they would take care of it.

It just reminds me of what we're really out here to do. As missionaries, we have to find those who are hopelessly lost, those who are hopelessly low. Some of them don't even know it. PMG (Preach My Gospel) tells us to "find the elect" and that the elect will be those who will listen, yearn and thirst for the gospel we bring them. One might be so inclined to ask "why in the world would you do this to yourself? What could you possibly get out of this?"

At the end of the week, our littlest investigator, Trinity, brought a friend. Well, her uncle did. We gained a new, elect investigator!! Her name is Kaylee, and she wants to get baptized "really really bad!" At church on Sunday, about half a pew was full of Trinity's Less-Active family, among them her uncle and her uncle's fiancé (this is Kaylee). We asked the gramma (the responsible adult in charge) if we could teach her too. Kaylee jumped at the chance and said "YES! I want to, please teach me, can you come over tonight?" Later that night, as we were teaching both Trinity and Kaylee, the spirit settled so strongly. Shawn (Trinity's Uncle) and Keanu (Trinity's other uncle) were so involved and even supplied parts of the Restoration story that they remembered. They even testified of it's truth! Both Trinity and Kaylee easily identified the Spirit and knew exactly how it testified to them that this was true. By the time we asked Kaylee if she wanted to be baptized, she looked at us like "Why didn't you guys ask me before?!" She said "YES! Please, I want to really really bad! We've been talking about this all day!"

Despite a supreme lack of energy and emotional strength, I would walk over 1000 miles, knocking on door after door for these small moments. They're few and far between and they're worth more than all the bad days in the world.

But do your missionaries a favor and give them a bottle of water while they're walking, okay?

I love y'all! Be good!
Sister Gunson

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