Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hi!  Sorry I wasn't able to send out Hannah's letter last Monday.  I was in Italy (I know, poor me...).
Hannah also sent me personal letter and is very, very grateful for all the letters she receives.  THANK YOU!!!!!  She even got a card from a friend in Lithuania! (Thanks, Simonas!)
Also, I would like to share this part of her letter to me because it really moved me:
"....I've discovered a love for HIM that propels me forward, to do the things I think are hard and painful.  It's not just swallowed up in Him--my wants just take a backseat and I joyously put them there.  I'm growing stronger and I can FEEL IT!!!!"
Love y'all,
Hey y'all!

Okay, so, um, cool story, PEYTON AND TORI ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!! I've already started in on the Heavenly deal-making to make sure it's gonna go through. And because that's basically the big event that happened this week, I'm gonna talk about that today.

For the first time in my entire mission, Sister Napper and I went on a split. I took a member, she took a member, and we divided and conquered. She went to re-activate some less-actives, and I went to take on a 13 year old, a 12 year old, and Rocky's rival. When we get there, because I don't have another sister to balance teaching with, the member gravitated towards Zela and I began teaching L3, by myself. Let me repeat: I am, for the most part, alone in this lesson.

L3 is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's the easiest lesson in PMG other than the 10 commandments because it's my purpose: Faith, Repentence, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Endure to the End, amen. I taught through an analogy of growing plants, and at the very end, I asked if they wanted to be baptized. They both were enthusiastic!!

Their mom said "Okay, but you guys have to know exactly why you're choosing this church to get baptized in." Tori said "Well, I guess if I can't get baptized in their church, I'll get baptized in another." and Peyton said "That's not how it works. They don't do it right. I'm getting baptized into this church!" and she pointed at my nametag. So I said "Okay guys, how about we set a goal to be baptized on this date, okay? And then you have to read your scriptures and come to church, we'll come twice a week and teach you everything-- that sound like a deal?" Peyton turned to her mom and said (rather forcefully) "Kay, Mom, we're going to church on Sunday."

Now, their mom is an epic woman-- and a less-active who's a little firm in her in-activity. So she's been supportive, but also testing the girls to see if this is actually something they'll do. So she challenged Peyton and said "Why? Why is this church different from others?" Peyton quickly said "I actually feel loved here. I'm happier, the people worship God differently, they mean it. It's better than the other church."

I have never seen more fierce resolve in anybody I've ever taught. I don't think anybody's ever had to fight for it as hard as she has. I am so proud to be her spiritual sister. Every time we dish out a commitment, she says "done." She's on FIYAHHH!!!

I'd really like to be that kind of person... To just say "done" whenever God asks me to do something.  I've come to really learn and love my covenants and the ability we have to make those 2-way promises. God never said the way was easy, but the yoke is light. So that's the way we gotta go.

Dude this is so hard but it's so good.
Love, Sister Gunson

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