Monday, October 21, 2013

I'll Find A Way

Hannah's address is still:
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This transfer's theme was "hot mess" for good reasons. And so, in comparison with other weeks, we had a really nice break. Quite pleasant, one might say.

First of all. Cold front. Coming in nicely. We wear tights almost every day and I have a good reason to wear my scarves. Me likey. We freeze, but I still look fantastic because I'm not dripping in sweat and gross-nast. It feels like CA.

Second of all! I met my 3rd GA! [a "GA" is General Authority, meaning one of the global church leaders as opposed to the local ones]  Elder Rafael Pino of the 70 came into town! It was so cool, he and his wife didn't speak English and so they had translators. It's awesome to have that kind of experience where it doesn't matter what language is spoken, the spirit is the same. I know all my foreign missionary friends are like "psh, n00b" but really! I thoroughly enjoy that experience without having to learn another language myself.

I ended up taking 4 pages of notes with Elder Pino. Everything he said was just GOLDEN! But what I remember most was the love that was felt. You can always tell when someone is truly Christ-Like because they will be the happiest person ever. They'll laugh, be sweet, be funny.... good company to have, really. Elder Pino struck me very hard about what love really means. Everybody thinks that love is something fruity, something hearts-and-flowery. Little do people realize that Love is pretty dang hardcore. When you love something (or someone) you find a way to do what is asked and you're happy doing it. You're happy to burn your ships and bridges to the homeland so that you can stay here and grind away. You're happy to see people who smell like smoke, have scary tattoos, and who manage to find a button-up shirt and make their way to church on Sunday. You're happy to go down scary country roads just to find that one Less-Active. Love takes you miles and miles farther than fascination or even obsession ever could. Look at the Savior's perfect example and tell me that's not hardcore.

I'm really impressed with Trinity and Kaylee. Speaking of miles, they've made lots of 'em in spiritual progression. I'm stunned silent everytime they talk! There are some Less-Active members of that family and it's SO COOL to see the spirit come upon them as they decide to get back into it. Kaylee's fiancé (Shawn) has gotten happier and lighter. He stands up to shake our hands now. He's worried when he comes home late that he might've missed us. Keanu (Trinity's other uncle), at 14, understands how Satan works. He understands WHEN Satan works. And his mustard seed of faith is growing into an impressive tree that I want to take shade in.

When faced with a difficult decision to obey a certain commandment, Kaylee straightway said "Well, I'll find a way." I wonder what would happen if every missionary ever had that mindset.... But tying it all in together, Love makes you find a way. It's so easy to say "mmyyyehhhhhhh well....... I don't want to" and so very difficult to say "well, I'll find a way." Heck, Christ found a way. Joseph Smith found a way. Sometimes that way is reeeeaaallly difficult. But if you really love it, how difficult is it?

I understand how my mom puts up with me now. Well... Kind of.

Have a great week! Love somebody!!!
Sister Gunson

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