Monday, November 4, 2013

What happened this week?

Editor's note:  When Hannah uses the word "transfer" it appears she is referring to the entire 6 week period between transfers.  She is going on a second 6 week period with the same companion and is still in Justin.  In another brief email to me she wrote in answer to my query about her location, "STILL IN THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH! Seriously. I cannot WAIT to take you and Dad here!!!! I see things and places and I'm like "my family needs to see this." It's..... almost better than Disneyland. Maybe better.... probably better." Isn't it amazing that no matter how hard a mission is, a good missionary would still rather be there than anywhere else in the world.   And Hannah could really use your prayers right now, btw.
I sat down to write this and I thought that. Hm. I guess everything goes by in a big blur. I'm so anxious to write everything down in my journal because I know I'm gonna forget it. I've finished my second journal, my 3rd transfer, and my 6 month... Starting in on the third journal, 4th transfer and 7 month and I don't know what number email this is. So....

First of all, we've had to move Cailee and Trinity's baptism dates. Just to the next week, but it was a bummer to cancel their interview and have our DL go "WAIT WHY?!" Well, that's what happens when people's agency interfere with other people's agency.

I've talked before (MANY a time) about how much Agency, as awesome as it is, gives me a rash. I love to choose! I love choosing to serve a mission, choosing to leave my family for a bit to serve the Lord. I love choosing the right! But I DO NOT like it when other people's choices make it so someone else can't choose. Trinity is on the straight-track to the waters of baptism. I don't know of anything that could possibly move her. Cailee is much the same way! She's so solid, the epitome poster-child of what missionary's call "the elect." And yet her mom has denied her permission to get baptized. She sees Cailee's personal improvement as being distant or whatever, the blood rushing to my head in anger impaired my hearing.
NOT A FAN, Adversary. NOT. A. FAN.

On the upside, we had interviews this week. I had been struggling a lot with my ADHD the latter-end of this transfer. Especially during prayers and studies. I hate the fuzzy brain! It separates me from God and spiritual development!! So I talked to president about it and he gave me some very good advice. He helped me see the line between killing the natural man and myself and how to overcome my obstacles.

I'm really not sure what else happened this week. The campers are setting up (already) for race weekend. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I'm right by the Texas Motor Speedway and Nascar is coming to town. Napper and I are rooting for Matt Kenseth. Sort of. We don't really know who he is, we just saw his name on the giant electric marquee. But he's number 20 this year, so we're excited!!! He's one of the best!... Apparently? Anybody want to do some research?

Love, Sister Gunson

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