Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy news!!

Hey y'all!

TRINITY GOT BAPTIZED. TRINITY. GOT. BAPTIZED. OHHHHHHHHHHHH my gosh. Finally. She's been waiting for a really long time!!!!!!!! When she went in for her interview, Elder Beckstrand (our new District Leader) said that she was excited and bubbly the entire time. During her baptism, she split her face in half, smiling so hard! Everyone was so supportive.... we were driving around in her neighborhood yesterday and we saw her totally having a party by herself. Just enjoying some sunshine, jumping, dancing around on her driveway... She was confirmed and received an astonishingly beautiful blessing. I'm so thankful for the ward and all they've done to help her progress.

I haven't been too clear about her, so I've decided that I'm going to start over from the beginning and re-tell this sucker.

At the beginning of last transfer, Sister Napper and I had the really strong impression that we needed to concentrate all efforts on our LA/PM (less active members/ part-member families) group. As we worked to strengthen the ward, we saw the benefits: LA's came back, we found good friends, and we found lots of new people to teach. One day, we were out "hunting" and we knocked on the her family's door. Trinity's gramma opened the door and said "OH thank goodness! I was just about to call you guys! This one wants to get baptized!" she pulled Trinity out of the doorway and introduced her to us. Trinity said "I went to primary a lot before and I really want to get baptized." From Day 1 of teaching her, she soaked everything up, like a sponge. She believed it was true, probably before we said it. She openly shared her testimony and feelings with us, describing what it felt like when she prayed and how she felt the spirit. When we asked her to read her scriptures, she decided to start at the beginning. Of her quad. Which is the bible.... she made it 11 pages in in 2 days! She understood more than anyone what this gospel could give her.

This is exactly what Christ meant when he said "Of such is the kingdom of God." If all of us were to be like Trinity... The world would be so happy. So peaceful. She accepted it, knew it was true, because she was so humble enough to receive the truth. She's an astonishing example to her family. She's an astonishing example to me. I want to be Trinity when I grow up. I wish I came home dancing and jumping from church.

This all being said, I'd like to ask if everyone could pray for Cailee and the Bishop of our ward. It's going to be an intense week, and everybody could use some prayers. I know God listens, hears and respects every prayer.

Well, I honestly can't remember what else happened this week. Trinity kind of takes the prize for best thing to ever happen EVER. OH! We found a stray husky yesterday and tried to take him back to his owner but he didn't have a collar. I didn't know how fast/long/hard I could run until I found myself sprinting after this dog.... And I had legit Thai food yesterday. Yeah, that's what happened this week.

Y'all have a good week!!
Love, Sister Gunson

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