Monday, November 25, 2013


Okay, so this story totally deserves to be told.

Like I said, we went tracting. And as we knocked on this door, we saw this dog, shivering on top of the stinkiest, oldest comforter ever. Sister Napper knocked furiously on the door while I tried to bundle this dog up. The poor thing was shaking and it's eyes just said "You're really sweet, but I'm going soon anyways." Napper and I definitely cried. We said a prayer... and then we called Animal Protection services. As we were coming back around, we made sure it was still bundled up. Napper and I were ridiculously torn up about it the rest of the day. Magnificently, it was also the day we found a new family to teach.

The importance of this story, however, is that later that night when I was praying... My heart was broken over this dog and we had just gotten out of a very heart-warming/breaking lesson with an older LA widow. I'm a slobbery mess and it just got worse when I realized that every soul we seek out shivers just like that dog. Holy moly, I felt so bad when I realized that.

It was a very emotional day.

Love, the bleeding heart animal protector Sister Gunson
UPDATE FROM LACEY: The dog is still alive! Hannah sent me a photo:

And since we're talking about animals, here is another animal photo.
"Yes, that is a member's cat. We put baby clothes on her. Her name is literally Fat Cat. Fat Cat lost weight. Actually."

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