Thursday, November 21, 2013

No Limits, No Coincidences, No Fear

Ollo!  *Explanation from Janet:  That's how Mega Mind answers the phone.

Have you ever asked yourself "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" I think I asked myself that once and it probably had something to do with theatre. But asking it in a missionary setting...? It changed everything.

We had a Zone Conference this week. Basically, the cultural hall of the Denton stake centre was transfigured all day. It was a great day all around, starting with some epic news!! Somebody I taught in Hurst got baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam Cripe, probably one of my favorite investigators, FINALLY got baptized. MAN. We were waiting forever. Apart from that, Zone Conference taught me to "remove the glass walls." Sometimes we set limits for ourselves that aren't actually there. I've decided that since with God, nothing is impossible, then what's stopping me?

Breaking limits happened all over this week. Cailee's mom is a couple steps closer to giving permission and after an entire transfer and a half of trying to get inside a less active member's house-- when members have told us that we can't get in.... they let us in. And fed us dinner. There's a good reason though why they haven't let people in though... We might've picked up some fleas. So when we went to dinner that night (yeah, we double-booked... Sisters can do that too...) we ate on her porch. Totally gained her trust though, once we explained the situation.

We also had Stake Conference this week! And it set everybody on FIRE. We'd been praying for some help with the work from the members. Thank you Stake Conference for being the cattle prod we could not be. Holy Moly it was awesome.

We had lunch with a recent convert on Sunday who bore such powerful testimony that I started tearing up. Honestly, he reminds me of you, Daddoo. He even has a goatee. He was given the Melchizidek priesthood on Sunday and... it's really cool to see how far people can come. He said "there were just too many coincidences, too many miracles for this to not be true, for there to not be a God." When once upon a time he was the epitome of a trucker. He still drives Peterbuilts, but now he has the priesthood. Brother... there are no coincidences. Not in this line of work.

My reasoning for this week then is if there are no limits and no coincidences.... there should be no fear. No crazy random happentsances to make you think twice, no actual wall to run into, you shouldn't be afraid to talk to anyone and everyone. Try it sometime-- the proof is in the puddin'.

Love y'all! Have agreat week!
Sister Gunson

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