Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Font

Greetings! This letter is being written by, quite possibly, the most exhausted sister missionary on this or any other world! And it's really good thing we have the Standard of Truth to inform us all that this work will go forth boldly, nobly and independent because I question a particular vessel in Lantana sometimes.... ANyways.

I've made mention in the past of all that can happen in a week, in conjunction with my inability to express all of it in one letter. This letter will be no different. We'll see how much I can cover....

So, for the past month, we've been working with 3 generations: Marta (grandma), Teresa (mom) and Vanessa (daughter). These 3 gators have been living with one of my favorite Less-Actives for a while and just last week, we committed them all to baptism. Well... The Adversary just can't have that happen.

Without delving into too much personal detail, these 3 courageous women, so young in the faith, are moving. Sister Christensen and I have spent the past little bit denying it. It's really hard to see your friends move. Especially when they don't have the Holy Ghost. It's so sad, they were all so.. motivated for baptism. They were aware of the lifestyle changes, they were conscious of this decision and what it meant... and now we have to say good bye. They were supposed to move this weekend, but we got a text last night at 11pm that said they were moving today. Also, that they needed help. But since they live way out of our area, we can't do what they needed. We spent our morning trying to coordinate and calm down the frantic LA.

I just wasn't trained for this.

So we had to pass it on to those who were responsible. And that is a very difficult thing for me to just let go of things. Especially when I love someone. I've spent my week praying for the Holy Ghost to follow them and for Heavenly Father to keep an eye on them since I can't. It's really hard to do that, but thank-dang-goodness for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for faith. I can safely say that my mustardseed is on it's way to the tree of life. It's not a perfect knowledge... but where would the fun be in perfect knowledge??

2 weeks ago, we picked up a gator from our neighboring area. The missionaries over there had been teaching Nick Jenkins for about 2 months and then realized he lived in our area... right as they committed him to baptism. He's SUCH a stellar kid! He's 17, running for mayor this fall, and getting baptized! He's been taking the transition from wards really well, and we've gotten attached to him already (okay, that's not hard for me to attach). His grandma has started coming to church too! She's not interested, but she supports Nick's baptism as if she was an age-old member and has signed up to feed us without prompting... so you tell me.

Well... our weeks are jam-packed and my head is about to explode. It's times like this where, amidst all of the insanity, I have a clear view of the Lord's hand. You gotta remember that Heaven's a lot closer than you think.

We were listening to Consider the Lillies in the car today... I really like that song. God knows the movement of every sparrow-- of course He knows who I am and what I'm going through! He sees every pain and every peak. And that's what allows me to waste and weary myself in this great and marvelous latter day work.

And no matter what! The truth of God will, in fact, go forth boldly, nobly and independent of its tiring vessel. Thank goodness for Misisonary Christmas (General Conference).

I love you all so much! I love you with the Savior's love!!
-Sister Gunson

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