Monday, April 14, 2014

Feel AAAALLL the Emotions!!! (Plus: Transfer time!)

Hi y'all!  Here's the new address:

4909 Canyon Trail North #2505
Euless, TX 76040

Also, Hannah's mission has now asked the missionaries to not use the full names of their investigators.  So she has come up with creative substitutions...

Here's her letter:
Well.... I got transfer calls. I'm going to the half-Tongan ward in Euless to baptize nations because everybody in that area works for the airport across the street. Anyone wanna teach me some languages really quick? I'll be with Sister Morrill and the senior comp and we are going to TEAR IT UP. So stay tuned.

As for Lantana... we told Bishop I was being transferred and so he asked me to give the closing prayer. Had John 17 running through my mind as I went up there. I thought about all that had happened, all I had gone through in this area. And all I could think of was "Father, I am thankful for these that Thou hast given me. For they are mine." I had several of the youth/primary--even some adults--say "why are you leaving me?"  Totally choked up... And as we were finishing companionship planning that night and I prayed again, I had to stop for a good bit and dig out the knife in my throat. Ugh, feels.

It's been that kind of week all around. We took Recent Convert Bestie (remember, can't use real names? So we have to go with nicknames...) to a lesson with Taylor Swift's Little Sister. RCB (Recent Convert Bestie) bore such powerful testimony!! She was just in Little Sister's shoes, so she was able to tell her whole conversion story and it was INCREDIBLE. Little Sister was feeling better by the end of the discussion, but to me, the highlight was in RCB's fire. She was lit up like Times Square... I'm so thankful I got to stay long enough to see the change and progression in RCB. I am going to miss her deeply.

Swooshy Hair got baptized on Monday and was confirmed yesterday!! That's a wild story... So, what happened was one of our neighboring areas, Lake Cities 1st, was teaching him because he was one of their member's referrals. And then they looked up his address and realized Swooshy Hair was in Lantana stewardship... so after teaching him for 2 months and extending a baptismal invite... the Elders gave Swooshy Hair to us! We've been able to teach him a couple review lessons, and was baptized 2 weeks after we began teaching him! It was a pleasure to work with the fine LC1st elders-- they did a really good job and we have LOVED the follow-up finishing job! Haha, to celebrate, we took Swooshy Hair to the New Member's Fireside-- which happens monthly-- and is held by President Ames himself! He basically takes us through all 3 lessons, but highlights one particular, sought for and prayed about principle. Last night's was "Come Follow Me," and the sacrifices we make in order to be disciples. Yet, it's really easy to change habits and keep commandments when we love the Savior. Truly and deeply. Then it becomes barely a sacrifice.

All good news asides, we were really struggling with the rest of our gators. All of them-- literally, ALL OF THEM-- hit a wall. A vicious stone wall, formidable in size and dense in strength, that caused me and Sister Christensen great turmoil, and we struggled and labored in the spirit. By the end of the week, we had decided on a simple task: ask them all "what happened" and then bear testimony of the Book of Mormon.

The thing is, no matter how complicated or convoluted your issues and problems are with the church, they fade away as soon as you get confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true. If there is no denying of it's truthfulness -- and by the way, there is none-- then why aren't you coming to church? Don't you know Moroni said that's how we "keep on the right way?" There's no wiggle room for a toe out of line in the years to come. Don't you know that God is aware and ever watchful of you? He spoke to Enos and called Joseph Smith by name. So why won't you pray? He's given us commandments-- not restrictions but the secrets to peace and happiness!! Why aren't you living the Word of Wisdom or the Law of Chastity? KNOW YE NOT THAT YOU WILL AVOID PAIN?!

 "Behold, I say unto you that it is [Christ] that surely shall come to take away the sins of the world; yea He cometh to declare glad tidings of salvation unto His people." (Alma 39:15) so "Awake my soul! No longer droop in sin!!" (2 Nephi 4:27) "Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him... His grace is sufficient for you..." (Mormon 10:32)

So pardon my French, but cut the crap. Pray about this, think it through. If you have the relationship with Heavenly Father that you think you have, why are you so afraid to talk to Him? Do you trust that He'll tell you the right way to go? If I know my God (and, I DO know in whom I have trusted... and continue to trust) then He will answer you simply because you are His. As far as you have separated yourself from His presence and spirit, you cannot disentangle yourself from His love. Good luck getting out of those tentacles of Divine Providence!

The chains are broken, walk out of your shackles.

I have loved and labored and been spent in Lantana and it has been a joy and privilege. I look forward to coming back to this area -- next time I'll be in pants though, so that'll be fun.


Love, Sister Emotions

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