Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outlast the Devil

This was a pretty roller-coaster week... like, Hollywood Tower of Terror sort in which we drop, halt, drop, halt, rise up, drop all the way and get off the crazy ride.... but mostly the dropping part.

2 things: 1: we must be Physically strong to be Spiritually strong and 2: A lot of life is about outlasting the devil.

  1. I gave up Diet Coke for the rest of my mission. I've gained weight and I've been a little grumpy. But I decided that I need to trust in the arm of God, not the crutch of caffeine. To mock my righteous wending of healthy paths, the Adversary inflicted me with a deathly case of "shlugeshness," a phrase which here means "to be overwhelmingly fatigued." I graduated early-morning seminary and is was small potatoes to the lack of rest I get now... It was a slow week and to top it all off, my eyes would not stay open and my legs would not move!!
  2. Physical trials are easier to manage and pass than the emotional duress we endure in our process of shuffling the mortal coil.... If all I had to whine about today was my break-up with Diet Coke and some apathetic muscles, that'd be one thing. But as a missionary, everything is hiked up to about 1000%. Mostly because of the demon hordes surrounding each companionship. Trust trying to teach the truth, here, but nooooo.... Always opposition (General Conference reference, anyone?)

So most of my week was spent saying "JUST MAKE IT TO CONFERENCE!!" and "WE GOTTA OUTLAST THE DEVIL, SISTER!" And as impossible as it seems, morning rises, Sunday comes and tomorrow happens.

So I really feel like this conference was really something. I know it was something because my finite vessel has to take the rest of this week digesting the Infinite Oil that was dumped from the conference centre. I feel like Heavenly Father was like "here's ALL the material you'll need for the next 6 months!" and now I'm sifting through it. It's a really cool process of revelation. I've gone through my notes several times and I still feel like I'm swimming around in the shallow end of the pool. Can't wait to get the Conference Ensign!!

What I really came away with is the apostles unabashed way that they say "oh, it's hard. And it's gonna get harder! So here's all the ways to be happy, keep to the faith, and buckle up." My whole mission, I've been discovering what it's like to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. If we really are to cast away our nets and follow Him... we can't drag those nets with us. Hooray for getting off the boat, hooray for walking into the unknown, but for crying out loud, leave the nets too and don't look back! Don't go back to the same ol', don't return to your comfortable normalcy.

If we are the kind of disciples we say we are, then buckling up for the bumpy ride into the 2nd coming (second General Conference reference, anyone?) shouldn't make us fearful. If we know in whom we have trusted (2 Nephi 4:27) then how can we NOT go on in so great a cause?

"Gird up your loins, fresh courage take, our God will never us forsake!!"

 I challenge everyone who reads this sentence to share a General Conference talk with someone they love. It doesn't have to be a non-member, just someone who needs a little bolstering.

And then email me back and hold yourself accountable to sharing that talk because FOLLOW-UP (3rd General Conference reference.....)

We are all such imperfect people. But we can outlast the devil, so we're made of something pretty strong and pretty tough.

Love, Sister Gunson

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