Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Hey y'all!!

So. Done been transferred to Euless! I'm back in the city again! It's giving my nostalgia whiplash because of my greenie area, Hurst. Good news: I was trained in a city, so I know how to work a city. Bad news: no more country for Gunson. And she misses the cows.

This week was a little hard because, shockingly, Euless isn't Lantana. So the acclimation was a little bumpy. But the 3rd day was awesome. We got stopped by some Tongans that were doing a cook-out fundraiser for scout camp. They gave us a large flat crate box full of their fried bread. It's basically Islander Beignets. So good...

Hey, remember how in the city, there were a ton of stories to tell? Cuz we lived in Crazy Town? Yeah, well, they're starting back up. Thank goodness I was with Sister Morrill during her first anti-attack. She'd never been through one before, so after some expert extractification(is that a word?) we had a testimony meeting where we reaffirmed to each other that, yes, the gospel is true. And nobody can tell you otherwise.

We also learned a valuable lesson in the power of positive thinking and gratitude. Fellow missionary Elder McComb touched on it last week in his email, but I just want to back him up with my own testimony. I take my remarks from the words of my new favorite hymn, "You Can Make The Pathway Bright." (I've been reading too many conference talks. Oh wait, such a thing doesn't exist)

You can make the pathway bright
Fill your soul with Heaven's Light
If there's sunshine in your heart

If there's sunshine in your heart
You can send a shining ray
That will turn the night to day
And the shadows will depart
If there's sunshine in your heart today
Happiness is a choice. President Hinckley said "You can be wise and happy or ignorant and miserable. The choice is yours." And how true that is! Dad, I remember flying home from New York last year and having a conversation about those who decide to victimize themselves and how they're always so miserable. Will relief and happiness ever come if you avoid it so avidly with your attitude? NO! I think of what Joseph Smith said, a man who could have drowned in the deep waters in which he frequently swam. Instead, he had a natural disposition to be happy and I imagine it had something to do with a clear conscience and a thankful heart.

I want to close with some ideas from Invictus. First of all, you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. AWAKE, then! Awake yoursoul to happiness that runs rampant! God is good! He has given you life! How could you complain about that?

And second of all... You can thank God for your inconquerable soul because if you thank God, you will have an inconquerable soul. Gratitude is a steadying anchor and an unsinkable buoy.

I am so thankful for that Easter message. No matter how bad Friday is, no matter how dark Saturday is, Sunday will always come. Morning is right behind the night. Rocky roads are no excuses for bad attitudes. Because through Christ, we see the stars at night, reminding us that there is still light.

And the stars at night are so very big and bright here in Texas :)

Well, that's my weekly soapbox! Stay tuned for next week when I try to find the good in gaining weight from all the epic food and the culture where "no thank you" doesn't exist...

Have a blessed day!!
Sister Gunson

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